Bangkok Symphonic Orchestra

Travelling to Thailand Rik Ghesquière conducted the Bangkok Symphonic Orchestra in February 2016 in a Mozart and Haydn program. The famous Thai soloist Siripong Tiptan was chosen to perform the Mozart violin concerto n°3 and in Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto the Thai public had a chance to admire Flemish trumpet player Benny Wiame. The apotheosis of the concert was the much appreciated Military Symphony of Haydn.

Belgian press coverage

Flowers from the president of the orchestra

Rik Ghesquière with John Floore, artistic director of the BSO

Benny Wiame, Siripong Tiptan and Rik Ghesquière

Rik Ghesquière with the president of the BSO

Belgian ambassador Marc Michielsen, Benny Wiame, Rik Ghesquière and the ambassador’s spouse


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