2009 Stadsvizioenen Mechelen

Implementation of “Procession” a composition by Dick Van Der Harst with more than 200 performers. MECHELEN – “No Malinois will succeed to experience all of Stadsvizioenen (City Visions)” says Luc Mishalle intendant of the cultural festival. “But every Malinois will have known that the party lasts three months.” Music is the key during the opening ceremony that Mechlin upside down today. From 14 hours you will find anywhere in the city ensembles, wind, brass bands and other musical Mechlin violence combined with a number of international ensembles. “I do not think there will be much grumbling at Stadsvizioenen” says Luc Mishalle intendant. He coordinates everything that falls outside the major exhibitions. “It has been my intent to engage at least a portion of the Mechelen active in the festivities and to come as a spectator. Most of the Malinois’ For the opening weekend, there is a lot of music and fireworks. Two hundred musicians of hafabra’s (harmonies, brass bands and brass bands) from Mechelen and the region playing together on the Haverwerf. The Dutchman Dick van der Harst composed a piece especially for such a large number of musicians. “It’s a really amazing piece,” says the composer. “The musicians come from all over to the stage. Occasionally a flying off the road, it comes slowly. Once everyone is on stage, it sounds fantastic. “A composition that size and with so many musicians has never been before in Belgium. Mishalle found van der Harst during a festival in the Netherlands in Friesland. There he delivered a first time such a feat. Conductor Rik Ghesquière will lead all in the right direction.
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